Homepage Africa is delighted to welcome on board “Next Generation Africa 2014” with their slogan “Summit for Industry Leaders, 9-11 September 2014, Monrovia, Liberia”. They can be found on the “Liberia” page.

Under the Official Patronage of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Under the Official Patronage of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Next Generation Africa 2014 is a high-level African ministerial summit which has been specially created for heads of private sector corporations and leaders in industry. Everyone who attends will be guaranteed pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings with ministers and senior government officials from over 20 African countries. These countries are the next generation of African economies that are already enjoying enormous growth in foreign direct investment, economic production and social welfare. The Summit will be hosted by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her key cabinet ministers who will be ensuring the participation of their counterpart officials from other invited African countries. The focus of the summit together with the pre-scheduled meetings with ministers will reflect the 4 key economic pillars of the emerging African economies:

  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Education, Research & Innovation
  • Telecommunications & Information Technology
  • Health & Medical Care

Key to participation is being able to pre-schedule meetings with ministers and officials from these sectors.

Homepage Africa is delighted to welcome on board “Student World Online” with their slogan “to educate, energise & inform students at home & around the world”. They can be found on the “South Africa” page.

Student World OnlineStudentWorldOnline.com was created and designed to educate, energise and inform students at home and around the world. Combining news and features from informed and proactive sources and input from students and higher educational institutions, Student World Online is a home for all those interested in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and the wider world, each and every day.

Homepage Africa is delighted to welcome on board “TASTE – The African Science Truck Experiment” with their slogan “Get a TASTE for science! Help us bring practical science experiments to schools in rural Uganda”. They can be found on the “Uganda” page.

Get a TASTE for science! Help us bring practical science experiments to schools in rural UgandaTASTE a charity aiming to transform science education in rural Uganda by giving students the chance to perform experiments in lessons.

The idea for TASTE emerged in the summer of 2011 when its founder, Amy Buchanan-Hughes, was volunteering for a school in rural Uganda. She found that although science lessons were compulsory and therefore frequent, facilities for students to experience science firsthand were seriously lacking. Individual schools could not afford to invest in sufficiently well equipped laboratories to allow regular student practical classes.

Amy began to imagine an organisation which would send mobile laboratories to visit schools in rural Uganda. Each laboratory would only need to buy equipment once, but would be able to provide thousands of students with regular access to its facilities and well-trained staff. She consulted with local headteachers,students and community leaders and found strong support for the idea.

Co-directors Elizabeth Kyewalabye and Ivan Bwowe joined the project in September 2011 and TASTE Uganda was registered in Uganda as a Community Based Organisation. Taste UK was founded soon after with the aim of raising funds and equipment donations for mobile laboratories from donors outside Uganda, and became registered with the Charity Commission in 2012.

Thanks to the support of our funders and donors, TASTE was able to purchase a van and equipment, and began to operate in Uganda for the start of the 2013 school year. In its first month reached more than one thousand students, and this figure continues to rise.

TASTE is an organisation in its infancy, rapidly growing with the assistance of academics, teachers and donors around the world. We welcome support from anyone, anywhere; if you are interested please find out how to help.

TaliBoelt® Couture & Jewellery. For unforgettable moments.Homepage Africa is delighted to welcome on board “TaliBoelt® Couture & Jewellery” with their slogan “For unforgettable moments”. They can be found on the “Ghana” page.


Fashion Shoot with model Chloe-Jasmine and photographer Radmila Kerl. Make Up and hair styling by Diana Zwarthoed. Flowers by Nadine Daniela Meier. Couture and Jewellery by TaliBoelt®.

Modeaufnahmen mit Model Chloe-Jasmine und der Fotografin Radmila Kerl. Make Up und Haarstyling von Diana Zwarthoed. Blumen von Nadine Daniela Meier. Couture-Kleider und Schmuck von TaliBoelt®.

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